April 2023: from Bach to Verdi

April was a month filled with extraordinary musical projects that took me on a captivating journey through Israel, the Netherlands, and Belgium. From standing in holy places to collaborating with renowned ensembles, each experience left an indelible mark on my heart.

In the Netherlands, I joined forces with the Nederlandse Bachvereniging for an awe-inspiring project—the Matthew Passion. Performing this cherished masterpiece 13 times throughout the country was an honor. Standing alongside the talented soprano Alyson, our voices wove together, creating a tapestry of sound that resonated with audiences. The meticulous care provided by the organization, from their warm meals to their friendly staff, ensured a supportive and nourishing environment. Under the guidance of conductor Masato Suzuki, the performances were marked by passion and nuance, infusing each note with profound meaning.

In Israel, I had the privilege of performing the revered works of Mozart and Beethoven alongside the esteemed Collegium Vocale Gent and the Israel Camerata Jerusalem. The emotional depth of the music and the historical significance of the locations we sang about created an unparalleled connection to the stories and emotions they embody. Exploring Tel Aviv and Jerusalem was a remarkable experience, both musically and culturally, as I witnessed the vibrant music scene and absorbed the warmth of the people. Michael, the French horn player in the orchestra, not only enchanted us with his musical prowess but also showcased his passion for his city. As a licensed tour guide, he graciously offered us a free tour of the captivating Old City of Jerusalem. His insights and anecdotes brought history to life, deepening our connection to the sacred places we had long sung about.

Across the border in Belgium, my collaboration with Collegium Vocale Gent brought me face to face with the poignant and beautifully written Verdi Requiem. The music touched the depths of my soul, leaving an enduring impact. Beyond the performances, I had the opportunity to bond with my colleagues, exploring the charming city of Antwerp and even venturing into the world of bouldering. However, the true highlight of the project was the invaluable lesson I received from the remarkable soprano Eleanor Lyons. Her impeccable technique, musicality, and vibrant voice left an unforgettable impression on me, shaping my artistry and inspiring me to new heights. It was extremely kind to help me out in her well-deserved free hours.

These musical adventures have not only enriched my artistic journey but also fostered cherished friendships with fellow musicians. The shared dedication and love for the art form have forged bonds that transcend borders and cultures, creating a sense of unity and support within the musical community.

As I reflect on these experiences, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have come my way. Each project, with its unique blend of music, locations, and companionship, has left an indelible mark on my artistic path. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter, knowing that the joy of making music and forging meaningful connections will continue to shape my journey.

Next up in June: a holiday (yay!), an audition in Zürich, a Bachcantata in The Hague, visiting my beloved teacher in Bologna for lessons and singing the role of 2nd woman, 2nd witch in Dido & Aeneas.

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